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JGLS students also benefit from various career development efforts led by Career Development and Placement Division (CDPD) which include workshops, guest lectures, industry talks, field visits to recruiters' workplaces that sharpen students' résumé writing skills, communication and interpersonal skills, presentation skills, industry intelligence, and helps in gaining access to a variety of career opportunities that lie ahead of law graduates. These programs are run by CDPD throughout the year to benefit students at different stages of their law school, starting from the first year, up to providing training and career opportunities to the JGLS alumni.

JGLS students also benefit from the CDPD run career mentoring and counselling program that comprises of JGLS faculty members from various walks of practice, helping students in appreciating different career paths and choosing the right one for them. JGLS has entered into multiple MoUs and collaborations facilitate internships and placements for JGLS students and graduates. JGLS also has extensive ties within government, businesses, and civil society, which are used to assist in placing our students and graduates. Whatever ones' plans are after graduation our Career Development Services is there to help. The JGLS graduating class of 2016 opted for diverse careers in organizations ranging from law firms, corporates, senior counsels, think-tanks, start-ups, and public policy organizations, among others. A large number of students also chose to pursue higher studies abroad for which many partner universities of JGLS offered generous scholarships to the students. An interesting new trend among the career choices was a few students' decision to launch or join start-ups in FMCG sector.