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The Centre aims to lead research in persistent and contemporary issues in public law (including administrative law) and political theory. It will seek to develop expertise in different methodologies and interdisciplinary interests spreading across political philosophy, history; comparative public law, empirical studies, and law and economics. Diverse concerns including issues of justice, violence, accountability, and coercion can promote research at the Center. Approaches adopted by researchers in the Centre can reference various schools and jurisdictions.

The following are the projected activities that can be organized through the Center:

  1. Bringing out a Policy Paper series, which can explore the policy implications of various constitutional doctrines and case law such as on the special status of Kashmir; the judicial selection process;
  2. Specialized constitutional law conferences that can be organized through the Center;
  3. The Center can host an Annual Colloquium of Global Jurists.
  4. The Center can promote a specialized comparative research hub/cluster which can focus on issues of South Asian constitutionalism or more broadly, on issues on “constitutionalism of the global south.”  
  5. The center can provide a forum for faculty to present and develop works in progress, which can draw on interdisciplinary insights and are methodologically rigorous --- and which can help to focus international attention on Indian constitutional law scholarship.   

Public law projects at the Centre can focus on developing expertise in South Asian constitutionalism; migration of constitutional ideas; projects for constitutional theory building and explorations into constitutional history; judicial reasoning; and empirical judicial studies. The Centre aims to become a destination for scholars and public intellectuals from a variety of regional and disciplinary bases.