Collaborative Research Centers

To foster a collaborative research culture, JGLS has witnessed growth of two jointly run research centres, that work on cutting edge issues on law and policy, that fall under their domain: 

The Centre for India-Australia Studies (CIAS) is the first and only Centre with a focus on the India-Australia bilateral relationship that is embedded in an Indian Higher Education Institution. 

The vision of CIAS is to emphasise the important bilateral relationship existing between India and Australia. Our success is gauged by developing mutually beneficial outcomes for both nations. We do this by harnessing the synergies between important focal points of the bilateral international relationship and JGU’s competencies in International Affairs, Business, Public Policy, Law, Arts and Humanities. This stresses stronger links and a more meaningful engagement between numerous higher education stakeholders such as 

  • Institutions;
  • Researchers and Academics;
  • Students and Youth;
  • Businesses; and
  • Government and Policy-makers”.

As the India-Australia relationship grows from strength to strength, encouraged by the convergence of common interests in various areas such as education, regional security, energy and resources and international trade, both nations have taken extraordinary steps to strengthen bilateral ties. Since November 2014, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed a state visit to Australia, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in almost three decades, the governments of both countries. 

Encouraged by the growth of the bilateral relationship at a Government-to-Government level, the CIAS hopes to encourage other stakeholders to embrace the India-Australia relationship.

Center for India-China Studies (CICS) was established on October 1st 2014 by the Jindal Global University. CICS provides a multi-disciplinary intellectual platform for academia, practitioners and students to discuss, debate and research on economic, social and cultural facets of India and greater China. It is also committed to playing an active intellectual role on issues related to India-China collaborations at regional and international level. 

Joint Continuing Legal And Executive Education Programmes

JGLS has undertaken one prominent programme that aimed at capacity building of various stakeholders: Mid-career Training Programme for Indian Police Service (IPS) Officers (with Cambridge University). This programme is now being offered in association with JSIA. The programme is the first of its kind in India. Cambridge University chose to collaborate with Jindal Global Law School in view of the latter’s special strength. Importantly, it has established a Centre for Penology, Criminal Justice, and Police Studies.

This training involves Cambridge-bound IPS officer trainees spending some weeks in JGU’s ultra-modern and fully equipped residential campus and undertaking training modules on crime prevention from JGU’s own in-house professors and some expert guest speakers. The agreement between Cambridge and JGU cuts the overall programme costs of hosting and training the IPS officers for a few weeks and also brings in the added values of crucial India- relevant knowledge-based policing content via JGU to the trainees. So far, three batches of around 300 senior IPS Officers have been trained under the Training Programme for the IPS Officers.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has awarded the contract for training two more batches of Mid-career training programme IV for IPS Officers to the Cambridge University and the O.P. Jindal Global University.