India-China Studies

Center for India-China studies (CICS) was founded in October 2014 when Professor Wenjuan Zhang, the first Chinese citizen joined the JGU as a full-time faculty.  The Centre is a multi-disciplinary intellectual platform and resource hub for academia, practitioners and students who are interested in India and China.  It is also committed to playing an active intellectual role on issues related to India-China collaborations and South-South cooperation at the regional and international level.

CICS is so far the only Indian think-tank on Chinese Studies led by a Chinese which gives it a unique role and competitive advantage in bridging the two countries.  Unlike many other governmental think-tanks focusing on security, border or diplomacy issues, CICS has tried to develop a civil-society based multi-disciplinary platform with participation of multi-stakeholders including academia, business practitioners, policymaker, NGO leaders and etc. from both countries. 

In addition to Prof. Wenjuan Zhang, now the CICS also hosts 14 affiliated research fellows from different schools of JGU (JGLS, JSIA, JSBS, JSLH, JSJC, JSGP, JSBF) and the Jindal Institute of Behavioral science. Center for India china studies has 23 Chinese partners almost 50% on QS world ranking top 100 list. For further information kindly go through