Japnam Kaur Bindra

Research Associate

B.A., LL.B. (Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala);  (LL.M. University College London, U.K)

Japnam Kaur Bindra holds an LL.M. in IP Law and International Commercial Laws from University College London (UCL) and B.A. LL.B. (Honors in Business and Intellectual Property Law) degree from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab.

She has worked as a Legal Content producer covering compelling anticipated and spontaneous news for print and online media while working with Hindustan Times and Mint Newspaper. She has over three hundred plus news reports to her credit while working on the landmark judgments and orders from Supreme Court.

Japnam has worked as Law clerk-cum-Research Assistant to Justice S. J Mukhopadhyaye and Justice Amitava Roy, then sitting judges of the Supreme Court of India. As a law clerk, she assisted the judge in drafting and researching on a number of judgments, orders and speeches for seminars. Post her stint as a judicial researcher she took up employment with a law firm Lex Jurists in Delhi as a Senior Associate in the Consumer Law Practice.  At Lex Jurists she was actively involved with advising clients on various aspects of the role of intermediary as an online market portal and their relation with IP laws. She was also involved in drafting, vetting and negotiating contracts for companies and individual clients. As a Senior Associate she has argued in the courts of Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Luckhnow, Rajasthan and many more.

Pursuant to the LL.M, Japnam had her independent practice where she was retained as an outside counsel for companies. She also appeared in various courts across Delhi while dealing with matters pertaining to Consumer, Family and Criminal law. To pursue her predilection for IP laws she took a sabbatical after working for over 3 years to pursue master in IP laws.

Post the completion of her masters in London she also worked as a trainee associate in an all service law firm in Malta, Europe where she worked on arrest of Ships and Data protections agreements under European law amongst other regular contract drafting work.

Her current areas of research are primarily focused on the Trademark laws, Startups, LGBT rights under the European laws, Intermediary rights as an online marketing portal and IPR. While pursuing masters she has written research papers on the Role of mediation for LGBT couple and Importance and use of Trademark registrations for Startups.

Apart from her academic and professional engagements, Japnam is passionate about acting and was the founding member of the theater group “Khalbali” at RGNUL. She also enjoys reading about new startups in India and is often seen hanging out with Startup founders to learn about their experiences. A supporter of LGBT rights she has interviewed couples for her research papers and is an avid participant of pride walks in India and United Kingdom.