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Jindal Initiative on Advocacy and Litigation

Jindal Initiative on Advocacy and Litigation (JiAL) at O.P. Jindal Global University is an initiative to promote litigation among the law students as a career. The First Litigation Summit is focused on creating awareness and knowledge of litigation among student to prepare young lawyers for a straight path right from "Campus-to-Court". The First Litigation Summit aspires to proudly inaugurate its Litigation Module and bring in lawyers from a plethora of places all over the country to interact and engage with the enthusiastic students to enable them to reach the greatest heights and create a global impact in the feld of litigation. [download brochure]



Jindal Initiative on Advocacy and Litigation - JiAL aspires to become the best 'Law School - Structured Litigation Program' and 'National Network of Litigators' by creating a collaborative and value based program among Students, Litigators, small Law frms, Bar Councils and relevant institutions.


The Initiative strives to create a thriving multi-stakeholder network community that provides Law School Students with the necessary knowledge, skills, opportunities and resources to pursue
litigation as a successful career choice through a well-managed and structured Internship Program and Course Module.

  • To create a Pan-India and continually expanding network of Litigators and Hon'ble Judges from various Sessions/District Courts, various High Courts and the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.
  • To bridge the gap between the demands of Litigation as a career choice and student's current academic engagements, by facilitating knowledge and human resource workfows between them.
  • To ignite interest in the feld of Litigation as a viable career choice and inspire students to work for or create their own network of Litigators.
  • To provide an enriching and intellectually engaging learning environment in collaboration with Alumni, Litigators and Professors working structured and well-managed Court visits, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Internship Opportunities and Campus-to-Court Integration activities.
  • To engage Alumni and Academic staff to create and manage an enriching Mentorship Program for the students, to mitigate their day-to-day learning needs.
Ms. Alisha chawla
Counsellor – Office of Career Services