Joel Bonilla Blondet

Assistant Professor

B.A. (University of Puerto Rico), M.B.A. (University of Sungkyunkwan), J.D. (University of Hong Kong), Ph.D. (Indiana University) 2019

Joel Alexis BONILLA BLONDET was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He began his secondary education at the University of Puerto Rico—Rio Piedras, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in political sciences with minors in Economics and Modern Languages (B.A., 2011). He then pursued a Juris Doctor at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, where he became affiliated with the Center for Constitutional Democracy (2014-18), headed by Profs. David & Susan Williams. Working sequentially as, first, a J.D. Affiliate and, later, a Ph.D. Fellow, he supported the Center’s mission in both directive and research roles by working on areas of Center involvement and concern including Iraq, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Kurdistan, Myanmar and Lao PDR.

While at Indiana University, Joel pursued a joint J.D./MBA in partnership with Sungkyunkwan University’s Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB, 2014-15) (Seoul, South Korea); earning distinctions in SKK GSB’s Case Competition (3rd Place) and in a collaborative applied business project with Samsung Electronics involving the development of wearable healthcare devices. Following completion of his MBA, Joel also spent time at the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Law (2016), where he focused on alternative and commercial dispute resolution in Mainland China. He is on track to receive his Ph.D. candidacy at Indiana University during the summer of 2019.

Joel has both law firm and corporate professional experience; and has been awarded the Elmore Family Fellowship for Law & Business and the Milton Stewart Fellowship for corporate legal work in Brazil. In addition, Joel has also worked as a development consultant in the international arena: Providing technical assistance on institutional reform and capacity-building efforts to government stakeholders and civil society organizations in Indonesia, Myanmar and Lao PDR.

Among Joel’s most recent publications is an article on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis and the American federal system, titled: “Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis: Analysis & Options under the Political Status Spectrum,” forthcoming in the Indiana Journal of Law & Social Equality. His teaching and research interests include: institutional theory, institutional design, law & institutions, federalism, comparative constitutional law, law and development, colonialism, postcolonial theory, post-colonialism and identity formation, and law and economics. He speaks four languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Korean), is a student of world religions, and is married with no children.