Prof. Severyna Magill

Assistant Professor and  Assistant Director, Centre for Human Rights Studies, Jindal Global Law School

B.A. (Keele University);
M.A. (SOAS University of London)

  • +91-1303057996

Prof. Severyna Magill is the course coordinator for the Human Rights Law and Theory programme at Jindal Global Law School.  She also teaches elective courses in Women’s Bodies and the Law, Feminist Thought, and Feminist Jurisprudence.  Severyna’s research interests are in domestic violence, sexual violence and sexual harassment laws within the UK and India. 

Severyna served the university as the Member-Secretary of the Committee Against Sexual Harassment and played the lead role in drafting the university’s polices, designing training programmes, and overseeing the hearing of all cases.  She has also provided consultancy services on sexual harassment at the workplace to Action Aid, India, and the Department of Social Security, and Women and Children’s Development, Punjab.  She has previously worked for Non-Governmental Organisations funded by UN Women, the European Commission, and the UK Home Office in both rural India and in London, UK.   Severyna obtained her Masters in International Law from SOAS in 2009.