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Teaching and Pedagogy

JGLS is committed to its global aspirations as far as the design of teaching and pedagogy are concerned. However, JGLS also upholds national ambitions and imaginations by committing itself to the standards set by regulatory bodies like University Grands Commission (UGC) and Bar Council of India (BCI). JGLS’ global ambitions and futurism are constructed in the spaces of imagination provided by these regulatory bodies for higher education institutions with a vision.

We believe in the importance of ideas in shaping the world. Therefore, our classrooms are dialectical spaces wherein teachers and students speak to each other; they go beyond conversations—it’s a mutual self-becoming through the art of respecting the other. This type of a pedagogy helps students obtain skills of ratiocination, inference, and validation. Accordingly, what they receive is what they have gained through logical efforts. It leaves them far contented that being unreflective recipients of knowledge, for what they have discovered through the teaching-learning process is not a few social-scientific information, but their own identities, which enable them to meaningfully engage in the social production.  

Our teaching is organized into compulsory courses and elective courses. While core courses establish a solid foundation for students’ knowledge of the discipline, elective courses help them apply their foundational knowledge to their respective areas of interests. Every semester, JGLS offers 100 plus elective courses on various special and niche areas of law, humanities, social sciences, management, and legal research to its students. In addition, we facilitate our students in obtaining knowledge of grassroots level realities by offering a clinical course every semester.